Turks Capital Partners is a privately held financial firm dedicated to investing in high quality real estate including equity investments and funding loans.

Notable Investments

Turks Capital Partners and its Principals (including its predecessor Max Capital) have acquired over $5 billion in real estate including Office Buildings, Residential Rentals & Condominiums, and Hotels, such as: 230 Park Avenue, 485 Fifth Avenue, 350 Madison Avenue, 1802 Second Avenue, Z Hotel in Long Island City, 1440 Broadway, 260 Park Avenue South Condominium, Cachet Cabo Hotel & Resort in Cabo San Lucas, the Cachet Hotel in NYC, and 237 Park Ave.

Turks Capital has returned over $1 billion in net profits to its principals and their institutional partners including but not limited to Angelo Gordon & Co., Fidelity, The Bass Family, The Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Credit Suisse.

Investment Objectives

Turks Capital seeks to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting inefficiencies in various asset classes and certain markets while capitalizing on opportunities that are not broadly marketed.

Turks Capital also invests and develops multi-family properties in opportunity zones.

Turks Capital’s large seasoned team of dedicated professionals seeks to deliver consistent, positive returns in all market environments. The hallmark of Turks Capital is the intensive research by its breadth of talent which allows the team to have confidence in making investment decisions.